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Jad rarely left his bedroom. His anxiety was so severe that he had become a selective mute and could not cope with leaving his house. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and could present aggressive behaviours when in crisis. He had a very concerned family and multi-agency team surrounding him, who we strategised closely with. After taking a gentle approach with Jad and slowly helping him to cope outside of his comfort zone using routine, encouragement, positive reinforcement and consistency, we successfully improved his confidence, social skills and academic focus. He is now willing to go to new places, initiate conversations and interact with his peers to the extent that he has successfully reintegrated into permanent education.



Holli was highly vulnerable of CSE, had a history of self-harming and would regularly abscond, becoming involved in unhealthy relationships. She had missed a significant amount of education in the two years before she was referred to us and had a dangerously low opinion of her own abilities. We began working with Holli to build her self-worth as well as her academic strengths. When she fell pregnant, we tailored our intervention to have a larger focus on life skills, healthy choices, preparation for motherhood and Holli’s general wellbeing. Whilst an academic focus was tough with such a life changing occurrence, we supported Holli right up until the day she gave labour to a healthy little girl.    


I’m over the moon with the Nudge staff working with Jad. They have achieved the impossible!
— Jad's mum

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