Nudge Education

Parent/Carer Info


who are we?

We exist to provide bespoke education interventions to young people of all ages and abilities who are missing education, through what can sometimes be challenging and difficult periods in life. We tailor everything we do to each of our students’ individual needs and personal aspirations. We also work closely with families, care teams, schools, local authorities and other services to ensure a holistic approach.

Using a blend of academic and functional work, creative methods, and the professional mentorship of our carefully matched Nudge Education Experts, we help our students to reengage with their education, raising their self-esteem, confidence and aspirations toward ‘A Life Worth Living’.


are we already supporting someone in your care?


For daily queries, please contact our Case Managers on 01914862136 or by emailing


do you have any concerns?

Our Nudge Education Experts are trained and equipped to make sure that everything they do is for our students’ enjoyment, development and achievement and always with their safety and wellbeing in mind. If you have any concerns at all, please call us on 01914862131 or email and we will solve the issue as quickly as possible with the students’ best interest in mind.