A tailored programme to create robust, resilienT & reflective minds.

Our wellbeing service was born of a sharp concern for a common lack of mental wellness that we noticed amongst the children and adolescents we work with, many of whom have dropped out of education through becoming disengaged with life, not just school.

In order to raise positive long-term outcomes for these youngsters, we aspire to help them form critical, creative, emotionally resilient and robust minds. We work with inspiring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) professionals and Occupational Therapists to deliver their expertise in support of our mission, deploying a creative approach and tailoring therapy sessions to the individual, so as to align with their interests and aspirations.

We get our students:


Staying physically active works and strengthens the mind as much as the body. We teach the importance of exercise and how to recognise the difference in yourself post-movement. We may do anything from going to a gym for things like badminton, swimming or yoga, to the beach for a long walk, trampolining, rock climbing, go karting and more.


Creating something brings joy, achievement and gets the brain in motion. We get inventing with our young people in all sorts of ways, with the important mantra that the sky's the limit. We may do anything from getting busy with tools on wood or engines, to teaching them to paint, draw, take photographs or make films, to making jewellery, crafts, cooking meals and more.


A healthy, varied diet leads to a clear body and mind. We educate our youngsters in making good food choices, having treats in moderation and trying new things. We shop and cook with them to put our advice into practise and give them the opportunity to experience food in its fullness, not for mere fuel or sugar-high.  



Taking a breath and a bit of time to reflect on what ‘good’ looks like means you’re more likely to know what to head towards. We create the space for our students to do this through our interactions and activities. For some we will take a therapeutic approach and offer counselling, for others we will motivate them to self-assess and take charge of their future. For all, we listen, encourage and evaluate situations together.  


Quality rest is vital for productive brain function and energy levels. We encourage good habits to benchmark and set effective rest and sleep patterns. This may be anything from gaining more exercise, avoiding sugar before bedtime, learning the value and methods of finding quiet in a loud world, or using technology as a help rather than a hindrance, for example using mindfulness apps and alarms but avoiding gaming late at night.


Upon referral, we do an initial assessment to gather information directly, but we also get in touch with parents/carers and any other professional agencies around our youngsters, such as social services or schools, who could aid us in building a complete and historical picture. We create and deliver our bespoke interventions with a 1:1 ratio or in small groups, provide qualitative evidencing of the young person’s progress throughout our engagement and present a summative report upon their completion of the programme.

Nudge Minds raises confidence, ambition and in some cases, can save lives.



Email talk2nudge@nudgeeducation.co.uk or call us on 0191 486 2131