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Katie had been absent from education for over 18 months. She was highly anxious and fearful of attending school due to previously being bullied. She struggled to form any social relationships at all - with peers or adults. She had health problems relating to a poor diet and was very isolated, preferring to spend all of her time alone and indoors, which all contributed to a consistently low mood and lack of confidence. As well as delivering academic intervention, we began to prepare Katie for school by nurturing her healthy choices, self-esteem and social skills. Katie built trust and rapport with our Education Experts and the change in her was remarkable. We supported her transition back into school by accompanying her ‘undercover’ so that she felt supported but not singled out and she grew in both confidence and work ethic until we began to see her smiling and laughing on her way to and from school.



Dylan was described as “beyond schooling” when he came to us. He had been out of school for over 1 year after being excluded numerous times and as a Year 6 student, his need for education was considered critical. We assessed Dylan and found that a turbulent home life was at the root of his disengagement. Over 29 weeks of interim educational intervention with Nudge, Dylan achieved 2 ASDAN qualifications in literacy and numeracy, built and sold 3 bicycles from recycled materials as part of an enterprise project, managed an emotionally difficult court case with our advocacy services, gained and completed an EHCP with our support, achieved stability and emotional control, and is now settled and thriving in a new school that meets his particular needs.


Nudge Education have been outstanding in the delivery of their service. They have responded very quickly to the needs of the student and offered high levels of support and education leading to some positive outcomes and progress on the targets. Communication with the Nudge team has been excellent
— North Yorkshire Virtual School

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